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Canfel Care Animal Hospital
9211 West Road #125
Houston, TX 77064


Welcome to Canfel Care Animal Hospital

“Everything matters.”

Canfel Care Animal Hospital was founded in March 2003 by David E. Wainwright, DVM. We are a full-service, general practice animal hospital, equipped to do most medical diagnostic tests and treatments, including hospitalization, surgery, and preventative health care. We strive to effectively educate and interact with clients, demonstrating compassion and care for their beloved companions, while upholding high medical standards.


Dr. Wainwright was raised in a farm community, where he discovered at an early age his affinity for veterinary medical care by administering treatment to various animals. Through his early exposure, he developed a passion for cats and dogs, especially when they were treated as less important than livestock. Pursuing his life-long dream to champion their cause, he is a 1995 graduate of Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine. He has practiced exclusively in small animal medicine, primarily canine and feline species (Can-Fel). His list of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Animal X-rays
  • Animal Surgery
  • Animal Dental Examinations & Cleanings
  • Dog and Cat Vaccinations
  • Dog & Cat Boarding
  • General Pet Exams & Diagnostics
  • Pet Counseling (Nutritional & Behavioral)