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While not being the easiest decision to make, it may be the most thoughtful thing you can do for your extremely sick or severely injured pet that can no longer live a life of good quality to have Dr. Wainwright induce your pet’s death quietly, humanely, and pain-free through euthanasia.

How will I know when?

Unfortunately, our four-legged friends cannot physically tell us that it is time to go. If your pet is no longer capable of doing things he/she once loved, doesn’t respond to you like usual, or seems to be experiencing more pain than pleasure, euthanasia may be considered. Also, if your pet is terminally ill, critically injured, or the emotional and financial responsibility is beyond your means, euthanasia may be a valid option. Asking yourself, “Does my pet have more bad days than good days?” can often help in making this difficult decision.

We understand your bond with your pet and would be happy to examine your pet, evaluating his/her condition, prognosis, and discuss any potential life-long problems or special needs. We can also discuss medical and surgical options as well as possible outcomes and risks. Because we cannot make the euthanasia decision for you, we will be more than happy to answer any questions or address concerns before you make your final decision.

Will it be painless?

Euthanasia is accomplished by the intravenous injection of a death-inducing drug. We will first administer a sedative to relax your pet. Following the administration of the euthanasia drug, your pet will become irreversibly unconcious, as the drug stops heart and brain function. It will be quick and painless. Your pet may breathe deeply several times, move its legs or head, but these are just reflexes and does not indicate pain or suffering.

Remembering your Pet

Several options are available for the remains of your pet. We offer several through a comany called Bit Of Heaven Pet Cemetary. You can choose a private burial, cremation (with or without ashes returned to you), memorials (in the form of a plaque), or paw prints.